20.01.06 @ Watergate

Beat it! meets Dangerous Drums

Meat Katie (Kingsize, Lot 49, UK)
Fortsch (Watergate, Berlin)
Circuit Breaker (Viper Jive, Lot 49, Berlin)
DJ Vela (Dangerous Drums)
DJ Pinch (Tectonic, Bristol, UK)
Warlock (Rad And Bone, UK)
Ed 2000 (Dangerous Drums)

Start 23.00

Meat Katie

2 Responses to “20.01.06 @ Watergate”

  1. Nigo Says:

    There was no Meat katie, wasn’t it? Nevertheless, good party!

  2. Administrator Says:

    He was sck at the hotel and puking the whole night…
    i hope he’s feeling better right now!

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